Vitamin C IV Therapy

Dr. Watts shares how Vitamin C IV therapy can be supportive after a dental procedure, but that Liposomal Vitamin C could be a better alternative to prepare beforehand.

dental work Vitamin C

Toxoplasmosis and Parasites

The docs go over research regarding toxoplasmosis. It can be an underlying cause of seizures, behavioral changes, and other brain dysfunction. Parasite cleansing can be the missing piece in treating this issue.

anxiety chronic infection chronic toxicity parasites toxicity

Treatment for Shingles

The MitoATP, Minerals and Oxygen can be applied topically. Shingles and other skin infection outbreak can be healed with the use of fulvic acid, part of the BioActive Carbon Complex.

BioActive Carbon Minerals BioMolecular Oxygen minerals MitoATP Oxygen topical VirRadChem viruses

Traveling to India

Dr. Todd gives his recommendations for what to take when traveling. When in India, taking BioToxin Binder and Para 2 helped keep digestive issues at bay.

BioToxin BioToxin Binder India Para 2 Travel travel kit traveling

Throwing up Parasites

Dr. Todd explains how flu-like symptoms are common when parasite cleansing. An overwhelming presence of parasites in the upper GI or stomach can cause some people to throw up parasites. Better out than in!

binders BioToxin Binder HM-ET Para 3 parasite detox parasites TUDCA

Telomere Testing

Dr. Watts goes over telomere testing, our scientist has created products containing the highest telemere repair in them. Examples of before and after will be released soon.

Tactics for Insomnia

Dr. Jay discusses sleep and how important it is in the healing process. Addressing underlying emotions and supporting with Kidney & Liver Support can help restore sleep.

drainage emotional side effects insomnia Kidney & Liver sleep