Substitute for Bowel Mover and Kidney & Liver

The docs recommend products that can help with bowel movements if Bowel Mover and Kidney & Liver are not an option or unavailable.

bowel movements Bowel Mover clove Kidney & Liver kidney & liver support Para 2

Vaccine Protection for Military Members

Dr. Jay touches on military vaccinations and what products can be taken to help mitigate potential reactions. Treating inflammation and retroviruses prior to and following vaccination can help.

binders inflammation retrovirus vaccination vaccines VirRadChem

Enema with TUDCA Plus

Dr. Jay shares how he uses TUDCA Plus in an enema.

enemas TUDCA tudca enema TUDCA Plus

ATP Stimulation

The doctors and scientist Jeff discuss ATP stimulation and review the Krebs cycle. Supporting the Mitochondria is key in any treatment for recovering health.

ATP BioActive Carbon Minerals cellular energy minerals mitochondria

Child with Pinworms

Dr. Watts recommends starting Para 1 and Para 2 when there is a high infestation of Pinworms. Pyrantel Pamoate can also be used in multiple rounds. It is important to treat the entire family and pets as Pinworms are easily passed.

Para 1 Para 2 protocol

Treating Parasitic Symptoms

The docs address continued nausea and the importance of drainage. If there is any constipation it can cause a back up of toxins and cause negative side effects. Diarrhea is not always a bad thing, it is a way the body detoxes.

bowel movements diarrhea drainage para 1 challenge parasite infection parasite side effects parasites protocol TUDCA

Treating Leaukemia

Dr. Todd shares a personal story of his uncle who had many health struggles as a result of serving in the Vietnam War. Infections, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites can be an underlying issue in someone developing Leukemia

BioToxin Binder candida candida causes heavy metal toxicity heavy metals HM-ET parasites protocol