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Can I just take Para 1?

We also recommend other products to aid the Para 1 in getting rid of Parasites. Those two products are the Para 2 and the BioToxin Binder.

The reason why we add these is that Para 1 and the Para 2 go hand in hand on ridding parasites from the body. Para 2 focuses on finding and killing them, while the para 1 expands and becomes sticky, leading the parasites to suffocate and being pulled out.

The reason why we recommend the BioToxin Binder is because as the parasites are being expelled from your body they have a tenancy of releasing toxins into your body. These toxins are not being expelled from your body by the para 1 or Para 2. If these toxins are left in your body you can see different symptoms that we refer to as die-off-symptoms. These symptoms can include but are not limited to; Bloating, head fogginess, and rash marks throughout your body. The BioToxin Binder focuses on binding to these toxins and expelling them from your body.

These are the 3 products we recommend in getting rid of parasites if you do not want to do the full protocol (which we HIGHLY recommend).

If you are still experiencing die-off-symptoms, using the Kidney and Liver Support,  Lymphatic Support, or even TUDCA Plus will aid in opening your pathways to allow for proper drainage.