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One week to ECO, we talk TUDCA, radioactive elements, and more.

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd take questions on MitoATP, working on radioactive elements in the body, and guidance on dosing and modifying per individual needs. Other questions address TUDCA, dealing with drainage, hyper-reactive clients, Para 1 and Para 2. You’ll get information on detoxing root canals and understanding pH balance as well. Questions about the liver and bile ducts? Give this session a listen!

amalgams binders bioactive carbons biomolecular oxygen dental work drainage MitoATP parasites radioactive TUDCA

Why do we do ECO and why you should go.

Insights on prioritizing certain areas of focus for sensitive clients, those who are herxing, or having particular difficulty in detox. Other topics covered include TUDCA dosing, the energy associated with CellCore supplements, and the abilities of MitoATP and Biomolecular Oxygen to promote overall healing.

binders bioactive carbons biomolecular oxygen Minerals MitoATP parasites TUDCA