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Breaking the chain of Rx with a better way

Dr. Jay takes the full reins for this session, where we begin with the concept of "why doesn't that drug work" and how science, applied with the right end goal in mind, can produce incredible results and truly restore hope and health. Listen deeper and get insights on supplements and pregnancy, drainage pathways, and more.

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Clinical Update: The radioactive elements epidemic

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd dig into the varying facets of the ongoing radioactive elements epidemic, how you can help your patients detox from radiation, and what supplements and strategies are most effective in this effort.

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A new practitioner site, "less is more" and mitochondrial health

The CellCore Team, along with Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd, provides "how to" on the new CellCore practitioner site with information and account data. Dr. Jay digs in a bit on the concept of "less is more" as a practitioner and how protocols and supplements fit into this paradigm and we invite chief scientist Jeff Griswold to discuss cellular and mitochondrial function.

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