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It's Electric! (Also parasites and viruses...)

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd talk about cellular electricity, polarization, and the origin of the license plate "10 WATTS." Questions and topics address the relationship between viruses and parasites and how to mitigate the effects with protocol-based action.

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Parasite and virus reactivation information

Dr. Todd takes us through studies showing how certain parasites have the ability to reactivate viruses in the body creating a retroviral situation where individuals who thought they were "over" a particular infection are left to go through the process again.

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From Facebook to Zoom for our monthly Live Q&A!

Craig Randall takes you through the "state of the practitioner program" address, explaining what resources are available to you from CellCore, and Dr. Jay takes your practitioner questions, addressing Para 2, tips for quelling inflammation, and more.

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