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Breaking the chain of Rx with a better way

Dr. Jay takes the full reins for this session, where we begin with the concept of "why doesn't that drug work" and how science, applied with the right end goal in mind, can produce incredible results and truly restore hope and health. Listen deeper and get insights on supplements and pregnancy, drainage pathways, and more.

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Protocol adjustments mean enhanced results

This month, Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd are joined by renowned Lyme Disease expert Dr. Allan Lindsley. The doctors talk about enhancements to the Starter Detox Protocol as well as diving deep into Lyme treatment and so much more!

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A new practitioner site, "less is more" and mitochondrial health

The CellCore Team, along with Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd, provides "how to" on the new CellCore practitioner site with information and account data. Dr. Jay digs in a bit on the concept of "less is more" as a practitioner and how protocols and supplements fit into this paradigm and we invite chief scientist Jeff Griswold to discuss cellular and mitochondrial function.

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It's the Drainage Funnel!

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd talk the most important component of any long-term, successful detox effort: Drainage. Come for the drainage, continue to listen for the great back-and-forth of questions and answers among peers!

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Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd: All under one roof

Dr. Jay and Dr. Todd talk about new products designed specifically for babesia and Lyme as well as the first mention of TUDCA coming out. Questions include the effects of toxins, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals and how to address their effects.

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Clinical pearls: Virtual meetings and understanding labwork

Dr. Jay gives tips on how to make the most out of virtual meetings with clients, helping to maintain the energy you have with multiple virtual appointments. Dr. Todd takes you through a few sample labs, highlighting what to look for and arrive at a better diagnosis.

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