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Whether you’re new to CellCore or just need a bit of a refresher on how our products can help you in your practice, The Quick Start Guide is built to provide answers.

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Products as Categories

Considering products as categories is the key to creating customized support plans for your patients based on their individual needs.

The Drainage Funnel

Learn about the critical necessity of opening up the drainage pathways before balance and wellness can be achieved.

Immune Support

Learn more about answering the “I don’t have parasites” question, and the relationship between parasites, mold illness, chronic infection and heavy metals.


Better understand how phases 1 and 2 lay important groundwork for the very necessary 3rd phase of heavy metal detox and continued progress toward overall wellness.

Supportive Supplements

Understand how support supplements like BioActive Carbon Iodine, BioMolecular Oxygen, and BioActive Carbon Minerals can be effectively leveraged to enhance desired outcomes from the protocol.

Maintain and Sustain

As a practitioner, you probably have heard the “what do I do now, doc?” question. This video addresses that and offers some longer-term strategies to consider.

Post-initial Parasite Cleanse

What do you do when the protocol is working too well? Symptoms are a part of the process. Learn how to properly address this challenge.

Managing Symptoms and Expectations

Get a better understanding of the relation between environment and external factors on the effectiveness of wellness and support efforts.

The Para 1 Challenge

Adding additional “outside-the-box” tactics to your efforts can be useful. Learn how this additional tool can help you help your patients, and how to integrate it into your work.

Coffee Enemas

We know that CellCore products are designed to work and we recognize that there are other support mechanisms that have great benefits, too. Learn about a key one here.


Explore the relationship between maintaining proper drainage and mitigating the negative effects of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

BioActive Carbons

These are the game-changer. Learn about our BioActive Carbon binders that have rendered spent-carbon binders like clays and charcoals obsolete by providing the ability to chelate, bind, and restore.