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How do I take BioMolecular Oxygen?

BioMolecular Oxygen can be taken internally. Add 5-10 drops to your favorite juice or a glass of water in the morning or afternoon. (Avoid taking oxygen later in the day or evening as this may disrupt normal sleep patterns.) You may apply it directly/topically to muscle aches or areas where pain is present. You may also nebulize BioMolecular Oxygen.

What is a "reseller ID" and why do I need to provide this information?

CellCore Biosciences requires a reseller ID for practitioners who want to purchase CellCore products for resale in their practice who do not want to be charged sales tax on those orders. If a sales tax exemption is not provided, you may be charged on orders placed.

What practitioner area of expertise qualifies me to partner with CellCore?

We accept a wide variety of practitioner fields of study, from naturopathic doctor, to doctor of chiropractic, to functional wellness and many more. Submit your application and we'll review and approve it appropriately.

Where does CellCore ship product?

Although we ship to most locations around the world, we currently do not ship to Germany, Spain, or anywhere in Africa.