Poop Pack

Poop Pack

Make sure your detox journey is “moving along” with the Poop Pack. By ensuring you are eliminating regularly, you’ll be giving toxins a quick exit, rather than letting them stay stuck in the digestive tract and become reabsorbed or stagnant. Supporting the kidneys and liver will further boost your detox efforts on your journey to optimum health and gut function.
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Restore GI Movement

Helps initiate healthy movement of the GI tract muscles for gentle, non-habit forming relief of constipation, and reduce bloating and discomfort

Support Detox

Boost bile duct flow and liver and kidney drainage to promptly remove toxins while protecting these vital organs by increasing antioxidant production

Bind and Build

Bind and remove biotoxins for a healthier microbiome and simultaneously leaving materials to rebuild damaged tissues

What's Included

BioToxin Binder

BioToxin Binder

BioToxin Binder contains long-, medium-, and short-chain carbons which act in different ways depending on where they are in the body. That’s the key: they get to different areas of the body, working systemically, and not just in the gut. BioToxin Binder contains polyelectrolytes, polysaccharides, amino acids, and organic acids, and supports cellular energy production. This ability to promote life sets it apart from older spent carbons and renders them obsolete.

Bowel Mover

Bowel Mover

The result of more than ten years of development and clinical utilization. This is the perfect blend of ingredients in the proper ratio designed to provide non-habit-forming, safe, effective digestive support. Bowel Mover is specifically designed to help promote digestive and detox support while executing its primary function of supporting proper bowel function. This product is beneficial for those that struggle with constipation by providing natural, gentle bowel relief.

Kidney & Liver Support

Kidney & Liver Support

Coupling a unique blend of natural ingredients (including NAC, milk thistle, parsley gynostemma, collinsonia root, beetroot and marshmallow root) with our powerful BioActive Carbons, this product supports and promotes healthy kidney and liver function. As an integral part of the body’s cleansing and filtering system, proper kidney function is essential to any detox protocol.


Take full advantage of your natural drainage and detox pathways with the Poop Pack. By increasing bile duct health, GI function, and microbiome diversity, you’ll help maximize your body’s ability to rid itself of waste. Kidney and liver detox helps to strengthen these organs and get wastes out more efficiently.

Regular Bowel Movements
Constipation Relief
Healthy Microbiome

Product FAQ

Peristalsis describes the normal function of the bowels. Technically, it is "a radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation of muscles" that propagates movement in a downward motion. It is this natural motion that is malfunctioning when colon or intestinal dysfunction occurs. 

Bowel Mover is designed to provide non-habit-forming, gentle support for normal peristalsis. It is not classified as habit-forming, and the trace amount of senna leaf does not exist in quantities large enough to be habit-forming if standard dosage guidelines are followed.

We recommend you dial the dosage back on the Bowel Mover. Remember, Bowel Mover promotes peristalsis but is not a laxative. Your bowels are moving, but naturally.

As you ramp up proper and consistent bowel function, ideally you should be having from 2-3 non-watery stools per day.

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