One Protocol Away.

After years of trials and patient consultations, we’ve developed a clear treatment protocol designed to systematically tackle the various iterations of chronic illness that individuals face. With a clear path laid out and mileposts along the way, you can confidently work on overall wellness knowing what should be happening now and what can be expected going forward.

We’re with you all the way. Together we can help you find the right solution to the things that are holding your patients back.


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Practitioner Quick Start Guide

Join Dr. Jay Davidson, Co-Founder, CellCore Biosciences, as he introduces you to CellCore Biosciences and how “supplements that work” can help you build your business on the foundation of successful consults with your patients.

01. Introduction

Whether you’re new to CellCore or just need a bit of a refresher on how our products can help you in your practice, The Quick Start Guide is built to provide answers.

02. Products as Categories

Considering products as categories is the key to creating customized support plans for your patients based on their individual needs.

03. The Drainage Funnel

Learn about the critical necessity of opening up the drainage pathways before balance and wellness can be achieved.

04. Immune Support

Understand more about answering the “I don’t have parasites” question, and the relationship between parasites, mold illness, chronic infection and heavy metals.

05. Detox

Better see how phases 1 and 2 lay important groundwork for the very necessary 3rd phase of heavy metal detox and continued progress toward overall wellness.

06. Supportive Supplements

Understand how support supplements like BioActive Carbon Iodine, BioMolecular Oxygen, and BioActive Carbon Minerals can be effectively leveraged to enhance desired outcomes from the protocol.

07. Maintain and Sustain

As a practitioner, you probably have heard the “what do I do now, doc?” question. This video addresses that and offers some longer-term strategies to consider.

08. Post-initial Parasite Cleanse

What do you do when the protocol is working too well? Symptoms are a part of the process. Learn how to properly address this challenge.

09. Managing Symptoms and Expectations

Get a better understanding of the relation between environment and external factors on the effectiveness of wellness and support efforts.

10. The Para 1 Challenge

Adding additional “outside-the-box” tactics to your efforts can be useful. Learn how this additional tool can help you help your patients, and how to integrate it into your work.

11. Coffee Enemas

We know that CellCore products are designed to work and we recognize that there are other support mechanisms that have great benefits, too. Learn about a key one here.

12. SIBO

Explore the relationship between maintaining proper drainage and mitigating the negative effects of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

13. BioActive Carbons

These are the game-changer. Learn about our BioActive Carbon binders that have rendered spent-carbon binders like clays and charcoals obsolete by providing the ability to chelate, bind, and restore.

The science behind the supplements is what sets us apart.

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In a world where “nutraceuticals” is considered the de facto “category,” we go beyond. We are not potentially harmful and habit-forming pharmaceuticals. This isn’t just a feel-good smoothie in a capsule. Our formulations are located at the intersection of science, rigorous lab and clinical testing, and the root causes of some of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed illnesses today. We make supplements that work.

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"As a fellow practitioner, I know how important it is to understand the “why” behind the “how.” I’ve battled Lyme, EBV, CFS, Babesia and other wellness issues personally and found some incredible solutions. It’s why I started CellCore Biosciences, and what sets us apart."
- Dr. Todd Watts


Discover potential through research


Create cutting-edge scientific solutions


Prove effectiveness by energetic testing


Establish efficacy with clinical trials

This is our process for creating solutions that work.


Learning Opportunities

Grow your business, learn our products, understand the technology, and acheive exponential clinical outcomes by joining us at these amazing educational experience.

  • 19
    Aug. 2020

    ECO Boise

    AUGUST 19-22, 2020

    Join us virtually and have the opportunity to learn from the doctors and other peers as you learn some of the cutting-edge treatments and testing available to help you produce exponential clinical outcomes.

  • 01
    Oct. 2020

    ACA Council on Nutrition

    OCTOBER 1-4, 2020

    We look forward to presenting and exhibiting at the Annual Chiropractic Symposium on Nutrition. This symposium centers on continuing education in the field of clinical nutrition and includes educational lectures, exciting new products, and engaging activities.

    Pending due to COVID-19

  • 09
    Oct. 2020

    AAMP International Advanced Integrative Conference

    OCTOBER 9-11, 2020

    CellCore will be presenting on mycotoxin illness this year at the AAMP virtual conference. The conference's focus is taking integrative immunology to the next level, as well as finding and treating blocks to cures.


  • 23
    Oct. 2020

    FDN Conference

    OCTOBER 23-25, 2020

    The FDN conference gathers a mix of certified FDNs, FDN trainees, and aspiring health professionals in the functional medicine field. 

    Location details pending due to COVID-19

  • 13
    Nov. 2020

    Microbiome Keynotes

    NOVEMBER 13-15, 2020

    Join Dr. Todd and Dr. Jay virtually at Microbiome Keynotes, a symposium designed to unite experts in the field of microbiome therapeutics and functional medicine. We will be presenting and exhibiting this year.