Clearing Microscopic Parasites

Dr. Todd explains how Para 2 and Para 3 can help target amoebas and protozoans.

herbs that kill parasites holarrhena Para 2 Para 3 parasite cleanse parasites protozoa

GI-MAP Testing

Dr. Todd discusses the effect the Binders and Para 1 can have on a GI-MAP test. While some small parasites can show up, large parasite presence cannot accurately be detected.

binders BioActive Carbon gi-map microbiome Para 1 radiation

Why CellCore Exists

Dr. Jay shares a bit of his wife's health journey, including her comeback from a second near-death experience. CellCore was created to provide an effective Protocol and products to restore health.

drainage energy Lyme mitochondria protocol

Do I Need TUDCA Plus?

The doctors give guidance on how to take TUDCA Plus and it's benefits. TUDCA has been used throughout history to repair the body. If you can only take one product, let it be TUDCA PLUS!

bile bile flow drainage TUDCA TUDCA benefits TUDCA Plus

Coffee Enemas and the Protocol

Dr. Jay teaches when to incorporate a coffee enema during the Protocol. Adding Oxygen to the solution helps increase energy and drainage flow.

bile duct bile flow BioMolecular Oxygen coffee enema coffee enema benefits enemas Kidney & Liver Oxygen protocol

When to Increase Dosage

Dr. Todd shares how he decides when to increase product dosage. The dosage should be based on the individual and their specific struggles and need.

dosage dosing Para 1

Can Supplements Feed Parasites?

Dr. Todd explains why you don't need to avoid certain vitamins while parasite cleansing. He provides suggestions on what can be done instead.

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