Para 2

Para 2

Developed over years of clinical trials, Para 2 Immune & Digestive Support is a multi-herb formula specifically designed for powerful immune and digestive support. The proprietary blend includes multiple ingredients built to maximize the body’s ability to boost immune system function and detox.
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It’s just lovely to say goodbye to these large interlopers. Mine have surfaced only 8 days since starting the protocol. I'm feeling great which at first made me a bit skeptical because I'm used to feeling like a bus has hit me when I take any supplements that poke at my liver and intestines. Your combination is effective and I haven’t verbally abused my family yet due to awful side effects! Additionally the shipping to Canada was the fastest I've ever experienced. I think it took 22 hours to get from door to door!

Sandra I.

Ayurvedic Blend

Designed to support natural body function and healing while strengthening you through the process.

Immune & Digestive Support

Feeds good microbes supporting a healthy microbiome and chases out or attacks unwanted infections

Detox Support

Pairs with Mimosa Pudica to support the true detoxification process in ridding the body of harmful invaders

Product Overview

Developed over years of clinical trials, Para 2 Immune & Digestive Support is a multi-herb formula specifically designed for powerful immune and digestive support. The proprietary blend includes multiple ingredients whose properties maximize the body’s ability to boost immune system function and detox. These include:

Kutaja (holarrhena or Wrightia antidysenterica) promotes optimum digestive health and elimination of toxins from the body.

Vidanga and Neem assist in removal of toxins, mold, and fungus and can be effective as it supports the body’s fight against bacteria.

Triphala (actually a mixture of three beneficial fruits: amla, bibhitaki and haritaki), takes advantage of the synergy that comes from their mixture, and promotes digestive health via phytochemicals such polyphenols, anthocyanins and flavonoids. Additionally, triphala contains gallic and ellagic acids, which are beneficial for blood sugar levels.

We include Clove for its ability to assist the body in efforts to remove bacteria and because it is high in antioxidants. Extracts of Fulvic acid (also known as our proprietary BioActive Carbon complex) consist of long- and short-chain carbons that aid the body in its efforts to remove toxins systemically. Additionally, they support the body’s ability to absorb more and waste less. As this supplement’s effectiveness is optimized, the body is better able to process nutrients and minerals, making them more bioavailable. Para 2 creates a win-win for the body.

As part of the protocol

Para 2 is introduced as part of “phase two” of our comprehensive support protocol. It complements the drainage elements of phase one, and working in concert with Para 1 to deliver incredible results. The formulation of Para 2 is designed to boost the body’s immune system and provide detox and digestive support as parasites are removed, mitigating die-off symptoms.

Vidanga especially helpful in moderating blood pressure and glucose levels
Gentle on the system, allowing more aggressive dosing as desired
Antioxidant properties
Polyphenols, anthocyanins, and flavonoids promote digestive health
Gallic and ellagic acids moderate blood sugar levels
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Dosing Instructions


Take two capsules twice daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Take up to two capsules three times daily or as otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Reduce dosage to one capsule twice daily.

Toddler Under 50 lbs.

Take one-half capsule twice daily in the morning and evening away from food.

Child Between 50 - 125 lbs

Take one capsule twice daily.

Product FAQ

Yes, make sure to keep all of our products 2 hours away from prescription medication to ensure no interactions between our products and the prescription.

For other supplements keep the Para 1 and Para 2 an hour away, the rest of our supplements are safe to take with other supplements

No, all of our products are gluten free and do not contain animal byproducts. We list all of our ingredients on each of our product pages.

If you have not taken this product before your pregnancy we recommend you to not take it. If you are in the middle of taking our products and find out you are expecting lower the dosage of the Para 2 by 1/2. If you were taking 4 capsules twice a day lower the dosage to 2 capsules twice a day. 

If you are breast feeding we recommend to not take the product, as it may alter milk taste. 

The Para 2 does not cross the Blood Brain Barrier. The Para 2 is paired with the Para 1, working side by side to focus on parasites outside of the GI Tract.
Yes! You can take this outside of a capsule, we recommend taking it with a spoonful of honey or avocado oil to help with the taste. You can take this product in water outside of the capsule.
After you have been on the Para 2 for longer than 3 months we recommend cycling being on and off the product. After you have been on the Para 2 for 3 months, cycle 1 week off and 3 weeks on.

Yes, all of our Binders are systemic and cross the blood-brain barrier! They are high-energy, nano-sized molecules with a multi-chain carbon structure which allows them to work throughout the body, including the brain.

However, our Para 1, Para 2, and Bowel Mover have systemic effects, but we don’t believe at this time that they cross the blood-brain barrier.

“Results” vary per person, so it’s not uncommon to not notice anything right away. Some people do see results within the first week, and for some people, it takes a month or two. Results themselves also vary. Some people can see their results in the toilet bowl and others see results in the way that they feel and in the way that their digestive tract is working.

Because of this, it’s hard for us to tell when exactly you need to increase your dosage and what it should be increased to. However, it is safe to gradually increase your dosage after a couple of weeks as long as you’re feeling okay.

You can increase your Para 1 dosage to 3-5 caps twice per day and Para 2 dosage to 2-3 caps twice a per day. You can also increase your BioActive Carbon Binders 1 to 2 caps twice per day.

Please don't give up though, our recommended length for a cleanse is 90-120 days. You may just need to give it some time. Please see our recommended protocol here:


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